Alternative Hen Parties

What do prosecco, fancy dress and male strippers have in common? If you’re like the rest of us, they’ve probably all made an appearance at the various hen parties you’ve attended.

But if you’re looking to mix things up and give the bride-to-be a hen do like she’s never seen before, we’ve got you covered (literally). Here are some alternative hen party ideas sure to give your girls a weekend they’ll never forget – assuming they go easy on the prosecco!

  • Have Classic Afternoon Tea

    The term “hen party” originated in the 1800s over in America. Ladies would gather their friends and host sophisticated dinners and classy tea parties. Even Eleanor Roosevelt once hosted a classic hen party at the White House.

    Of course, the definition has changed just a bit over the years, but you can still channel some of that classic spirit into your modern hen do. Before your night of revelry, take the ladies out for a refined afternoon tea. It’ll be a breath of fresh air in the long line of clichéd hen dos they’ve been to, and it serves as an interesting throwback to the original hen parties.

  • Get Physical

    Why is it that the boys always come back from their stag dos with bruises and black eyes – and always seem to enjoy it? While we’ve no interest in boyish bar fights or whatever it is they get up to, why should they get to have all the adventure?

    Booking an “It’s a Knockout”-style obstacle course is a fabulous way to get the girls’ adrenaline rushing. Better still, it’s a great bonding experience, and that’s what hen parties are really all about.

  • Conquer an Escape Room

    Speaking of bonding experiences, nothing brings people closer together than working together to reach a common goal. And that’s exactly what you’ll be forced to do in an Escape Room.

    Nearly all major cities have Escape Rooms now, making it a quirky but easy alternative hen party. You and your hens will be locked in a themed room, and you’ll all have to work together to figure out how to escape. Shenanigans are sure to ensue, and you can crack open a well-deserved bottle of bubbly to celebrate your victory.

  • Go Glamping

    If all this is sounding a bit too strenuous for your liking, don’t worry: glamping is the perfect combo of adventure and luxury.

    You and the hens will arrive at a gorgeous campsite, usually in the woods or at the beach. But instead of sleeping bags and bug spray, you’ll get to enjoy staying in large, luxury tents (completely protected from the outside). With tables, chairs and plenty of lighting, you won’t even realise you’re outside – until you look out at the breathtaking view.

  • Knit Your Own Knickers

    Alternative hen parties are our specialty, and we’ve saved the best for last! For some good fun that’s a tad on the naughty side, Party Pants is for you.

    One of our Chief Briefs will bring the fun to you, teaching all your hens how to create their own naughty or nice knickers. From pretty ribbons to sewing machines, we bring everything you need – even champagne and cupcakes, if you like! Just get in touch and let us know what you have in mind. We’d love to help make your alternative hen party a clucking good time.

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