Bad Bridesmaid

Last year Party Pants was featured on the new hilarious series, Bad Bridesmaid. The premise of the show was that Leanne, the bride, allowed an undercover comedy actress to infiltrate her special weekend and reap havoc. She had to convince her other bridesmaids and closest hens that her friendship with this crazy comedy creation, and new addition to the wedding party, was genuine. If she managed to keep a straight face and go along with everything her Bad Bridesmaid threw at her she would win her dream honeymoon.

Top Secret Pants!

When our chief brief Mary was being filmed for the Party Pants activity she actually had no idea of the twist to the show. Granted Bobbi, the bad bridesmaid, stuck out like a sore thumb but she wasn’t let into the secret, that one bridesmaid was in fact acting, until after filming was complete.

Extraordinary Knickers!

We can’t wait to see if Leanne wins the honeymoon. Bobbi certainly made some extraordinary knickers… like none we’ve seen before. Have a sneak peak of the Party Pants set below- there was a huge team of people making it all look fab, Mary was petrified!