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Keep a girl in school

How does Party Pants help?

Uganda’s greatest resource is her women, waiting to be empowered.

For decades, women have been the most marginalised and wounded people on the continent. Watoto’s Living Hope works to restore dignity to vulnerable women. Many of the women are HIV+ and have been victims of human trafficking, left to bear the brunt of AIDS, war and social injustice.

Through Living Hope, women are equipped with necessary life skills and empowered through income generating projects, enabling them to become productive members of the community. In addition, the comprehensive psychosocial support they receive has given them purpose, dignity, and a future.

Launched in early 2008, Living Hope has transformed the lives of almost 3,000 women. Their children, more than 15,000 boys and girls, now have a better chance at a future.

Living Hope currently has centres in Kampala and Gulu, Uganda.

Keep a Girl in School

In addition to empowering adult women, Living Hope has established an initiative called Keep a Girl in School, which aims to reduce primary school dropout rates and increase primary and high school exam completion among adolescent girls.

We believe all girls should have the opportunity to get an education. A lack of underwear should never be a big enough reason for this not to happen.

By simply providing girls with underwear has proven to keep young girls in school and lower the statistics of rape in Uganda.

We are proud supporters of this and by simply donating £1 per person at your hen do we can provide girls with knickers and sanitary products to keep them in school.

How does this work?

‘One 4 One’

15 hens = 15 pairs of knickers and 15 boxes of sanitary products.

So together we can change the world.