Hen Weekend Ideas

Looking for some fun and creative hen weekend ideas that won’t the bank?

To make life easier for you and the bride-to-be, here are some of the best hen party ideas – ranked from naughty to nice – to make any hen do one for the record books.

Have a bakeoff!

Rating: “Nice”

If you think Paul Hollywood’s eyes are to die for (or even if they just make you want to die), a bake off is a tasty way to get all the hens involved on the big weekend.

Have everyone bring their best bake, and let the bride-to-be choose her favourite creation for each category: tastiest, funniest, raunchiest . . . have fun coming up with the categories!

The perfect recipe for scrummy audience participation, a bake off is a devilishly delicious start to the best hen weekend ever.

Roast the Bride

Rating: “Incriminating”

For an activity that’ll leave you laughing on the floor, you can’t go wrong with a roast – and we’re not talking turkey or ham here.

From celebrity specials to that office Christmas party you wish you could forget, roasts are a fan favourite and the perfect hen party idea for getting everyone involved and laughing.

Have each hen reveal her funniest or dirtiest story involving the bride-to-be (the more shocking, the better). For added fun, turn it into a drinking game: one shot for each story you were a part of!

Go to a Wine Tasting

Rating: “Classy”

One of our more sophisticated hen party ideas, a wine tasting will bring a touch of class to the big weekend. Sparkling conversation and rosy cheeks are an elegant way to begin your big night out.

No matter where you are or what time of year it is, an evening of fine wine, cheese and professional expertise will show the bride-to-be you really care. And it’ll show the hens that you know how to throw a class party.

Bring in the Butlers

Rating: “Naughty”

If you think you can “bare” it, hiring a professional butler will heat up any hen night.

From refilling your drinks to serving your snacks, a professional hen party butler manages the festivities for you. He’ll also make sure that the hens and bride-to-be never get bored. After all, there’ll always be something lovely to look at, and he might even provide some extra entertainment if you ask nicely.

Once you’ve found the right provider, all you need to do is look through the options and choose the best-looking butler. Are you up to that challenge?

Knit Your Own Knickers

Rating: “Hilarious”

The ultimate activity for getting the audience involved and laughing, knicker making is becoming more and more popular for hen dos – and it’s easy to see why!

Here’s where we come in. Bringing pretty ribbons, frilly lace, sewing machines and more, our “Chief Briefs” take the party to you. Even if you’ve never sewn in your life, you’ll create a wonderful (or wonderfully hilarious) pair of knickers that you’ll cherish for many nights to come.

Knicker making is one of those rare hen weekend ideas that everyone will enjoy, from younger sisters to the bride’s granny. Get your party pants on and plan that perfect hen weekend today.

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